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Avoid Money Scam when Dating a Mail Order Bride

Man may have unhappy experience when dating a mail order bride, particularly money matter. There are a few women trying to scam western men in some dating site, but don’t thinks such women are “bad people”. It’s unnecessary to hare them, just learn to recognize them and avoid money scam when dating.

Some women are trying to earn a few extra dollars by being friendly to western men. They are more like “professional friends”. Something like a girl that will sit at your table with you if you buy her drinks, but she won’t go home with you. If you bluntly tell that girl, “I’m not buying you drinks just to have you sit with me”. She’ll get up and leave. The same is true with these online dating scammer-girls. If, at the first mention of money, you tell her “I’m not here to finance you or support you”. She’ll go away. Or, you can tell her that maybe you can send a couple dollars for Christmas or on her birthday, but that you can not help now and see if she still wants to be friends, etc.

YES. When in doubt, Don’t Send Money!

Most of these dating scammer-girls also believe that *you* are not serious about having a long term relationship OR they believe that attracting the genuine attention of a goodhearted, sincere man that would love her forever is the most difficult thing in the world. Therefore, she thinks “might as well get what little I can get”.


It’s always the same. In the first few emails she tells you how hard life is in her country. She comes from a big family OR she has no family. Her father died and her mother is sick. Her little brother needs medicine. She quit school because her parents can not afford the tuition. She lost her job and can’t find another one. She lives alone and is behind in her rent.

Every email will mention how expensive things are for her. And the most common of them all is…
“I want to chat you, but I don’t have money for internet”.
While it’s true that some girls don’t have a computer at home and therefore need to pay for their internet time at a local internet cafe, it’s also true that it’s very cheap to do this.

YES. When in doubt, Don’t Send Money!

If you’re looking online, There are some tips to consider when signing up at a mail order bride dating sites. You may look for mail order bride dating sites that:

1. Require every Asian girls to submit a photo and have certain photo requirements that make it difficult for the scammers to comply.
Tip: beware of girls posing in bikinis, posing on her knees, (weird but I’ve seen it on the Russian sites), showing lots of cleavage, etc etc. They are baiting you.

2. The scammers like the big dating sites with ten’s of thousands of members so they can more easily blend in, (hide). Look for a small site with about 5000 to 1,0000 ladies.

3. Sites that verify Girls identity. For example, Chnlove.com, an innovative online platform providing the best all-inclusive solutions to cross-cultural relationships to the world, its local agencies are required to strictly follow procedure to verify the authenticity of Chinese girls information (including photos, personal particulars, self-description, identity documents, etc).

Of course, not all girls mentioned money should be judged as a dating scammer. After a relationship has been established, it’s more normal for a girl to mention her financial troubles during everyday chit-chat and it’s more normal for an interested gentleman to offer assistance. Most men in a solid, loving relationship do send money to help the girl they love. And this is life, this is reality. You should judge each person individually.

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