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Are the Ladies’ Photos Posted on Chn love Real?

Lady from Chn love

Chinese Beauty from Chnlove

After signing up with Chn love, gentleman members are often surprised to see tons of seemingly gorgeous ladies, and may get a bit suspicious about whether these ladies’ photos are genuine, as some ladies look much younger than their stated age. Some gentlemen are disappointed when they meet their lady face to face, because she look very different from her photos. Here are a few tips and advice about how to avoid such disappointment.

Are the photos on Chn love enhanced?

The first thing you need to know is that Chinese women usually look younger than they are. So don’t get too skeptical if you think a lady looks 10 years younger than her age. Undeniably, some of the profile photos are professional studio shots with perfect makeup and lighting. Photoshop makes miracles, too. So the ladies may look very different in real life compared to their propfile photos. Probably Hollywood stars have the same problem, too! Remember that they are just trying to show their best to impress you.

It is true that some photos are altered not to enhance or rejuvenate but to deceive. So you need to watch out if a lady doesn’t even look like the same person from one photo to the next, and it is always a good idea to pay more attention to those profiles that have natural outdoor photos from the start. Don’t fall in love after merely viewing a few retouched photos!

How can I know what my lady really looks like?

I would suggest that for every girl that you correspond with, you keep asking for up-to-date, outdoor, full-body pictures. Of course, you should do the same to show your sincerity. This way you can see their normal skin colour, clothing tastes and hair. It will tell you more about the lady. Those ladies that are sincere will be glad to load you up with pictures of everyday events in their lives. If she is uncomfortable with her own looks, she may be reluctant to send you these photos, but what is she going to do when you meet face to face? If she really cares about you, she will send them, otherwise pick another lady!

Another way to get to know a lady is through the Video Show service newly launched by Chnlove. As videos will need to be retouched in each frame, which is a complex and expensive task, they should give you a more accurate idea of what the ladies really look like.

Sometimes you have to pull your eyes away from the glamorous photos for a moment and look at what is written in the ladies’ profiles and letters. What really counts is inner compatibility and what those ladies are on the inside . Everyone appreciates a beautiful face, but looks fade over time. If you’re looking for someone to be with you to the end of time, then looks are only a small part of what you should be looking for. And finally, if the highest quality of the person is their looks, you’re going to be disappointed sometime along the way.

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